Breast Cancer Signs

Breast cancer is the specter of disease for women. Period susceptible to this disease is now before menopause, around the age of 40-50 years. When the age of 70 years, the possibility of women suffering from this cancer is greater. For the detection, check by using breast cancer mammogram detection.

You must be careful, if you’ve aged 40 years and above, and see some breast cancer signs below:
1. Exit fluid from the breast nipple. Liquids can be yellow, clear, white milk, chocolate, or mixed blood.
2. Change in the form of breast nipple and the surrounding areas.
3. Lump arising in the breast and not sick.
If there is one of these symptoms, immediately to the doctor for further examination. The more quickly diagnosed, the higher the level of its recovery.
In addition to these symptoms, there are several factors that increase the likelihood of this disease, namely:
1.Come off more slowly. Until the age of 50 years, there has been no sign off.
2. The older age at first birth to children.
3. The period of menstruation began early, before age 13 years.
4. Fat women who consume large amounts of fat and drink alcohol.
5. Born from the family that has a history of cancer.


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