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Hospital Beds

June 9, 2010

Like most standard bed, hospital bed or patient beds specifically designed so that patients feel comfortable to relax during treatment in hospital or at home (homecare).
The difference is in the hospital bed or bed of patient have a part of the panel [crank] that can be adjusted up and down the corner position, namely the head of the panel, a panel of the legs and up and down the height of the bed.

This panel serves to adjust the position (positioning) angle in accordance with the needs of the patient’s body and the patient’s condition. There is also a patient bed which can be set high and low until it reaches 20-30 cm from the floor. Usually this function is to facilitate therapists or medical experts in conducting therapy in a patient, if necessary. For terms of security, there is a safety rail or safety rail on the side of the bed to prevent patients from falling.

There are two types of patient bed, manual and electric beds. Basically two types of beds have the same function, just use a different system. The bed is equipped with a manual crank rotation that serves to set the position up and down the panel or a crank. Typically manual beds have a crank until the fourth round in accordance with the number of panels that can be changed its position. While the electric bed using remote control to adjust the position of the panel. Type of electric beds is widely used in the ICU, special care room at the hospital, or VIP room.

To note, for the use of electric bed, electric power factor must be taken into account. This means that if the electric shut down, then an electric bed may not work at all. So if the treatment of patient at home uses electric beds and other electrical medical equipment, it is advisable to use electric generator for the temporary replacement of electric power.
Usually in patients who lie too long in bed will experience abrasion on the skin or also called decubitus. In order to prevent the condition, patients are also advised to use anti-decubitus mattress.

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