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Causes of Anemia

December 1, 2008

The measurement of anemia is hemoglobin(Hb). Persons who are suffering less bloods, their rate of Hb are below normal. Normal Hb is around 12 g%. If the value of someone’s Hb below it, it means that he suffers anemia. Persons who have the rate of Hb less than 12% g can be the tension normal is 120/80 mmHg, or may be also lower than that, could also higher. And these are some signs of anemia.

Causes of anemia are more than one. Reading the results of laboratory Hb below normal, not necessarily the doctor can directly assign the type of medicine because it causes anemia is not just one.

Causes of anemia are:
1. More than normal menstruation. There are women who menstruation volume of more than normal (metrorhagia). Risk of anemia in such cases is generally larger.
2. They have kidney failure also tends to be anemia.
3. Patients with blood aberration. There are several types of blood aberration, as talasemia, classified patients who also threatened anemia.
4. Patients with chronic diseases. Particularly in cases of TB, usually threatened anemic also. They have a chronic intestinal infection (ameba basiler or dysentery), colon cancer, disease and cancer in general.