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The Treatment of Breast Cancer

March 6, 2009

If you suffer from breast cancer disease with these breast cancer signs, and want to try to recover, this is the information about the treatment of breast cancer may be one of you or your family suffer breast cancer.
Cancer treatment depends on the size of the tumor and the stadium.
1. Stadium for the I-III, the treatment can be done:
a. TACE (Trans Arterial Chemo-Embolization).
b. Operations without raising breast tumors
c. If it’s not operated, it can be replaced with Particle Seed and RFA Ablation.
d. If the spread of lymphnodes in the armpit exceed 4 with a diameter of the tumor reached 5 cm, irradiation can be done.
e. Supporting treatment : hormone therapy, Hyperthermal therapy, Immune-body therapy, TCM, or read these breast cancer therapies.
2. To Stadium IV, treatment can be done:
a. TACE (Trans Arterial Chemo-Embolization), which combined with the planting of Particle Seed, Ablation, PhotoDynamic Therapy.
b. Hyperthermal therapy, to relieve pain patients, reduces the symptoms felt, to improve treatment outcomes.
c. Immune Therapy-body, to improve the immune so that the body has the power to fight cancer.
d. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), to strengthen the body, reducing the symptoms of the disease, working to restore the system of the body.