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Tips: Marriage Activity Until Old

November 19, 2008

Growth of age will change the function and sexual desire. Nevertheless, the elderly can still enjoy sexual activity. The following tips sexual activity can continue until old age.
1. Always communicate with couple
Do not hesitate to reveal the willingness and desire that the communication with the couple remained harmonious.
2. Consult with your doctor can help maintain sexual life. For example, there erection problem or orgasm the often experienced by people who start elderly.
3. Extending the definition of sexual
Sex is not just activity coitus. Touch, smell, is a form of sexual abuse. Must be realized in old age when the sexual needs may change.
4. Change in routine
The other activities or new activities will affect the sexual life become better
For example change the schedule at night to make the morning or change the position of making love.
5. Keep health
Consuming nutritious food, exercise, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol