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Bone and Causes of Osteoporosis

February 27, 2009

Bone is a very vital organ for humans. Besides as a buffer body, the bone also protects vital organs such as the human liver, heart, kidney, lung and others. To be able to maintain its function so bone always regenerating through the process of demolition and create matrices bones.
When the system is not balanced so it will be a bone porous process known as causes of osteoporosis. To know whether a person suffering from osteoporosis or not, can be done with the measurement of bone density (Bone Mineral Density).
BMD examination is useful to know the current bone density, but can not know of any interference regenerating bone that can trigger the occurrence of osteoporosis. The only way that can be used to know the activity of bone cells regenerating such as destruction and activities bone creating is the laboratory examination and the N-CTx Mid Osteocalsin. If there are inconsistencies in both value indicates regenerating bone interfere and the risk of osteoporosis. Besides that, the second examination is useful for monitoring treatment of osteoporosis.