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Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery

June 5, 2011

Most people overcome the stiffness of the shoulder joint or shoulder injuries with massage or use a liniment for joint disorders thought it was just too tired due to the conditions, physical trauma, or less mobile.

Actually there are anti-inflammatory drugs to cope with shoulder pain, but was ineffective and cause side effects pain stomach pain or ulcer.
Therefore, patients at the recommended practice to undergo physiotherapy with stretching or active stretching guided trained therapist.

If after physiotherapy patients still suffering from shoulder pain and thickening of the capsule occurs, the condition can be corrected with minimally invasive shoulder surgery.

The action was carried out with the aid of arthroscopy equipment, binoculars are inserted into the joint to see the joint as a whole.

About 10 percent of the total cases of shoulder joint stiffness that need special handling with minimal invasive surgery.